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25 Natural Ways to Relieve Headaches : A Mind-Body Approach by Romy Fox

By Romy Fox

Americans spend greater than $4 billion a 12 months on over the counter headache treatments. This much-needed booklet examines the numerous varieties of complications, is helping establish their reasons, and gives secure possible choices for headache remedy and prevention. From nutrients to meditation, therapeutic massage and homeopathy, here's the final word source for treating state-of-the-art complications and combating tomorrow's.

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And, migraineurs and those with tension headaches can succumb to a cigarette smoke–induced headache after as little as a sniff or two of secondhand smoke. Cigarette smoke causes blood vessels to constrict, and that alone may bring on a headache, or the blood vessels can overreact and end up dilating. Headaches can also result from exposure to one of the many potent chemicals or gases found in cigarette smoke, the most dangerous of which is carbon monoxide. Many migraineurs are extremely sensitive to carbon monoxide, which can seep into the environment not only through cigarette smoke, but also through automobile exhaust or a gas leak in the stove or furnace.

A similar fate befalls some people when they travel to high altitudes, where the air has a lower oxygen content. Smoking is notorious for decreasing the amount of oxygen in the blood, and possibly triggering headaches, especially cluster headaches. Indeed, most victims of cluster headaches are heavy smokers. Smoke eats up your air supply because it contains gases like carbon monoxide that, when inhaled, take up space on the oxygen-transporting “vehicles” in the blood. Neither oxygen nor carbon dioxide can float freely through the blood; they need a vehicle (a protein-iron compound called hemoglobin).

Clean out or dispose of old musty papers and books. • Avoid greenhouses, water beds, compost heaps, and climates high in humidity. • Wipe down condensation on fish tanks, windows, and windowsills. • Use a dehumidifier. • If you see signs of black or green mold growth, scrub it away with a mixture of lavender essential oil and alcohol or, if need be, use 50 percent chlorine bleach and 50 percent water. • Get your air-conditioning system cleaned, and have the vents checked for mold growth. Spores grow in these moist areas, then get blown around your house along with the cool air.

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