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50 Quick Dinosaur Facts by Paul Andrews

By Paul Andrews

Do you're keen on Dinosaurs? those 50 speedy Dinosaur proof are idela for more youthful readers, or humans eager to recognize extra approximately Dinosaurs!

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Based on fossils over 1000 distinct Dinosaurs have been classified. Some Dinosaurs developed bony armour, and also spines, such as the group called stegosaurs. The period of time the Dinosaurs lived in, is generally called the Mesozoic Era. Modern day birds have actually developed from Dinosaurs! The very first Dinosaur to be officially named was the Megalosaurus, in 1824. It is believed that what killed off the Dinosaurs was a massive asteroid impact throwing up debris into the atmosphere, which blocked out the sun.

It is thought that the fastest Dinosaur was the Coelophysis, which they think could reach 30 mph for short distances. It is believed the cleverest Dinosaur was the Troodon! Creatures which lived in the sea at the same time, are not called Dinosaurs even though living at the same time. Dinosaurs laid eggs, like birds and lizards do now! The longest dinosaur it is believed was the Seismosaurus, at 40 metres long! The Dinosaur with the longest name has to be - Micropachycephalosaurus - which translates as ‘tiny thick-headed lizard’.

The largest Dinosaur bone in the world comes from an Argentinosaurus whose back bone was 5 feet high, by 4 feet wide. The Dinosaur with the longest neck was Mamenchisaurus, which was 33 feet long. The biggest meat eater was Giganotosaurus, its skull was six feet long. The most Dinosaur eggs found in a preserved nest was 24. It is thought that some Dinosaurs could climb trees, and some could swim, but they could not fly! The Dinosaurs with the shortest names are Mei and Kol, both which are feathered Dinosaurs from China.

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