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Renal Medicine : a Colour Handbook by Fernando C. Fervenza, James Pattison, David Goldsmith,

By Fernando C. Fervenza, James Pattison, David Goldsmith, Joseph P. Grande, Barrie Hartley

A convenient sized reference quantity for physicians in perform and coaching: prognosis, research, management;chapter order displays the 'stages' of renal illness as obvious in patients;one consistent with web page or unfold of pages;superb color illustrations built-in all through - combining the benefits of an atlas with a quick text/reference.


appropriate for physicians in perform and coaching: analysis, research, administration, this identify comprises illustrations built-in all through - combining the benefits of an atlas with a short Read more...

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Visceral epithelial cell foot processes are diffusely effaced. Electron microscope appearance (x5800). 40 40 Stage II. Basement membrane ‘spikes’ separate the electron-dense deposits along the subepithelial aspect of the capillary loop basement membranes (arrows). Electron microscope appearance (x5800). 41 41 Stage III. Electron-dense deposits are completely incorporated within the thickened basement membrane (arrow). Electron microscope appearance (x3400). 42 42 Stage IV. Immune complex deposits are completely incorporated within the thickened capillary loop basement membranes.

Early on in the disease course, however, renal biopsy in patients with Alport’s syndrome may show diffuse attenuation of the GBM, making the differential diagnosis difficult. INVESTIGATION The diagnosis of thin GBM disease can only be made by electron microscopic examination of a renal biopsy. HISTOLOGY Glomeruli appear normal on light and immunofluorescence microscopy. On electron microscopy, there is diffuse thinning of the lamina densa and of the GBM as a whole (36). It is important to recognize that GBM width varies with age and gender.

CLINICAL HISTORY Patients with these conditions may present with proteinuria usually with associated microscopic hematuria, hypertension, or progressive renal insufficiency. About 50% of patients develop end-stage renal failure within 2 years. HISTOLOGY The light microscopic appearances are variable and include: mesangial hypercellularity, amorphous, eosinophilic, Congo red-negative expansion of the mesangium, sometimes showing a nodular pattern, mesangiocapillary pattern, or crescent formation.

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