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A practical guide for medical teachers by Dent, John A.; Harden, Ronald M.

By Dent, John A.; Harden, Ronald M.

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2; Krathwohl 2001). The attainment of each level assumes the attainment of the lower levels. The level which the students are expected to attain is specified by the descriptors used in the outcome. It is generally accepted that an adequate curriculum will be defined in terms of the higher levels of the taxonomy; there are few situations where remembering would be regarded as an adequate outcome. Although Bloom recognized the psychomotor domain in addition to the cognitive and affective domains, he did not produce a taxonomy for it.

There was usually a very marked divide between the subjects that were considered to be clinical and those that were preclinical. This made it very difficult to teach material in context and led to compartmentalization of knowledge, as illustrated in Fig. 2. Both horizontal and vertical integration are needed. Horizontal integration has been achieved by replacing discipline-based teaching with system-based teaching. The focus has been moved from subjects such as anatomy or physiology to body systems such as the cardiovascular system or the digestive system.

Ten questions need to be addressed. These relate to the following: 1. The needs the training programme is intended to fulfil 2. The expected student learning outcomes 3. The content included 4. The organization of the content including the sequence in which it is covered 5. The educational strategies adopted – integrated teaching is an example 6. The teaching methods used, including largegroup teaching, small-group teaching and the use of new learning technologies 7. Assessment of the students’ progress 8.

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