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A Review of the literature published between September 1970 by K H Overton

By K H Overton

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Khokhar, G . P. Powell, and J. Hudec, Chem. , 1971, 326. M. T. Hughes and J. Hudec, Chem. Com m . , 1971, 805. T. Ahmad, M . N . Anwar, M . Martin-Smith, R . T. Parfitt, and G. A . Smail, J. Chem. ( C ) , 1971, 847. 0. A . Gansow, M. R. Wilcott, and R. E. Lenkinski, J. Amer. Chem. , 1971, 93, 4295. Monoterpenoids 39 BrCH2Y DCH, x -DCH DCH, + CO2Et EtO,C (20 I yield) Reagents: i, HOCH,CH,OH-Ht; ii, Na-MeOD; iii, H , O + ; iv, TsNHNH,; v, B u L i ; vi, A ; vii, HC-C -CO,Et; viii, KOH-H,O; ix, copper chromite-quinoline.

Two full papers have appeared on subjects mentioned in Vol. 1 : Demole and Enggist's karahanaenone synthesis,' 40 and the irradiation of eucarvone. 141 Another paper concerning the irradiation of eucarvone has appeared ; in this case the substrate was protonated by carrying out the reaction in fluorosulphonic acid at - 78 "C. The products obtained after quenching the reaction with potassium carbonate in methanol are shown in Scheme 5, together 13' 13' 139 140 14' R. N . Gedye, A . C . Parkash, and K.

89 The same authors have studied the reduction of mentha-l,3-dien-7-a1(121) with sodium in aqueous ammonia ; perilla aldehyde (1 13) is the first product, and this is more stable to alkali than the starting material. '~ The CHO + A (121) 89 (122a) (122b) Y . Fujita, S. Fujita, and Y . Hayama, Nippon Nogei Kuguku Kaishi, 1970, 44,428. H. Kayahara, H. Ueda, I . Ichimoto, and C . Tatsumi, Agric. and Biol. Chem. (Japan), 1971, 35, 560. 91 (Some of these substances were mentioned in Vol. 1, p. ) (123) (125) ( 124) Albaiges et al.

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