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Adoption of Environmental Innovations: The Dynamics of by Koos van Dijken, Yvonne Prince, T.J. Wolters, Marco Frey,

By Koos van Dijken, Yvonne Prince, T.J. Wolters, Marco Frey, Giuliano Mussati, Paul Kalff, Ole Hansen, Søren Kerndrup, Bent Søndergård, Eduardo Lopes Rodrigues, Sandra Meredith

How do small and medium sized companies (SMEs) undertake environmental strategies? have they got the mandatory inner competence? Is any help provided by way of exterior events (i.e. community involvement)? What are the coverage implications? This booklet relies on wide fieldwork, performed in 4 conventional business sectors: offset printing, electroplating, fabric completing, and commercial portray. The paintings was once performed in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and the united kingdom. Twenty company-based case reports have been analyzed and a mobilephone survey used to be performed between 527 businesses. therefore, the Innovation Triangle got here to be formulated, that is offered the following, defining and mixing the determinants of SME innovativeness. The Innovation Triangle distinguishes 3 significant determinants of innovativeness: enterprise competence, environmental orientation, and community involvement. The Innovation Triangle permits one to diagnose present environmental and innovation rules, indicating which coverage measures could be potent in expanding the adoption of environmentally pleasant applied sciences, permitting environmental targets to be achieved.

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". .. transition has proved to be a far longer and more challenging approach than so much had expected, and development has different. by way of 1998 just one state, Poland (which launched into fiscal reform sooner than the remainder of the region), had reestablished sustained financial development and handed the pretransition point of actual gross family product (GDP).

Environmental Issues in Automotive Industry

The car is likely one of the so much environmental conscious production sectors. Product take-back rules impact layout of the cars, construction applied sciences but in addition the configuration of car opposite offer chains. The company perform comes each year toward the closed loop provide chain suggestion which thoroughly reuses, remanufactures and recycles all fabrics.

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It refers to the following questionnaire statements : (3a) We have a clearly stated environmental policy. (3b) We have implemented an environmental-management system. (3c) We are ahead of legal environmental requirements (by doing more than we are obliged to). 3 Network-involvement index The network -involvement index depends on the role firms assign to the different parties in the technological network. The questionnaire enumerates the following actors: • Supplier of raw materials • Supplier of equipment • Producer of raw materials • Producer of equipment • Trade organisation • Chamber of commerce • Consulting firm • Other firms (having the same kind of technical problems) • A university or college • A research organ isation • A government agency • A non-profit innovation centre • A municipal licensing authority • Customer(s).

Moreover, it described technological developments relating to environmental and other aspects of the product ion process. The production processes typical of the sectors selected are rooted in certain technological regimes and the basic designs belonging to them. Basic designs can be described in terms of concrete technolog ical systems or products which largely remain unchanged over extended periods of time, even though capacities, efficiencies, functions and speeds can change significantly. Description of environmentally relevant technological develop ments at the level of basic designs, however, was cons idered too abstract and therefore inadequate, because at such a level the environmental angle may give rise to a considerable number of divergent points of departure for technological research.

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