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Advanced Prolog: Techniques and Examples by Peter Ross

By Peter Ross

Complicated Prolog: recommendations and Examples (International sequence in good judgment Programming

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Introduction to Java Programming

Now integrating Java five all through, this reference introduces Java programming basics – together with problem-solving, object-oriented programming, GUI programming, facts buildings, networking, internationalization, complex GUI programming, and internet programming.  contains many new illustrations. complements examples all through, utilizing small, basic, and stimulating examples to illustrate options and strategies.

Building Software for Simulation: Theory and Algorithms, with Applications in C++

A distinct advisor to the layout and implementation of simulation softwareThis ebook deals a concise creation to the artwork of establishing simulation software program, gathering crucial options and algorithms in a single position. Written for either members new to the sphere of modeling and simulation in addition to skilled practitioners, this advisor explains the layout and implementation of simulation software program utilized in the engineering of huge structures whereas providing the proper mathematical components, notion discussions, and code improvement.

Java 7 Recipes - A Problem-Solution Appr.

Java EE 7 Recipes takes an example-based method in displaying the way to application firm Java functions in lots of diversified eventualities. Be it a small-business internet software, or an firm database program, Java EE 7 Recipes offers potent and confirmed suggestions to complete with reference to any job that you could be come across.

Qualitätssicherung durch Softwaretests: Vorgehensweisen und Werkzeuge zum Test von Java-Programmen

Softwaretests bekommen bei immer komplexer werdenden Programmen eine immer größere Bedeutung für den Projekterfolg. Obwohl Testkonzepte etabliert sind, werden sie häufig nur in geringem Maße in Unternehmen genutzt, da sie angeblich zu aufwändig und zu teuer sind. Neben einer intuitiven Einführung in Testtechniken zeigt dieses Buch den schnellen Einstieg in das Testen von Java-Programmen mit Hilfe von einfach nutzbaren Open-Source-Werkzeugen.

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