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Affordable Housing Finance by Kim Hawtrey (auth.)

By Kim Hawtrey (auth.)

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This led to acute balance sheet pressures on banks and severe strains in the global interbank funding network. In response, central banks supplied emergency liquidity and national economic authorities arranged injections of taxpayerfunded capital for specific institutions that were under stress. In the years prior to the crisis, the wholesale mortgage market appeared to evolve and deepen. Securitization was supposed to be aiding the pricing and trading of risk. New types of mortgage products were created, and for a period, mortgages became more liquid instruments.

These results are robust to statistical diagnostic tests, notably to different strategies for correcting for the possible endogeneity of the home-owner variable. Boehm and Schlottmann (2006) find that families in owned homes exhibit an increased probability of staying put over time, while those in rental units are more likely to move. These differences are important because of their potential implications for long-term neighborhood stability and the associated effect on economic stability. Home ownership contributes to enhanced economic security of households to the degree that it makes for a more stable workforce and for a greater resilience of consumers to bad times.

2007). In other research, housing tenure choices were found to affect household net wealth levels even after controlling for other factors such as initial wealth, location, income, education, and other personal characteristics (such as propensity to save) that might influence the rate of wealth accumulation, and even during periods when alternative investments produced higher than normal returns and rents grew slowly. For low-income minority families, median average annual housing-related wealth appreciation in the US context is estimated at $1712 per person; this wealth is achieved Housing Stress 17 both through equity and forced savings resulting from mortgage repayment (Boehm and Schlottmann, 2004).

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