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Amazing Animals (Scientific American Special Online Issue by Scientific American

By Scientific American

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In some instances, chimpanzees chew the leaves first. Clipping leaves To attract the attention of playmates or fertile females, male chimpanzees noisily tear leaf blades into pieces without eating them. Squashing parasites on leaves While grooming another chimpanzee, an individual removes a parasite from its partner, places it on a leaf and then squashes it. customary Inspecting parasites Parasites removed during grooming are placed on a leaf in the chimpanzee’s palm; the animal inspects the insect, then eats or discards it.

He currently uses the terms “two,” “three,” “four,” “five” and “sih” (the final “x” in “six” is a difficult sound for a parrot to make) to describe quantities of objects, including groupings of novel or heterogeneous items. 3 percent, 36 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN EXCLUSIVE ONLINE ISSUE COPYRIGHT 2004 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. AUGUST 2004 TRANSCRIPTS OF DIALOGUES indicate that Alex can count objects on a tray. Dialogue 1, recorded in 1986, shows that Alex can distinguish five objects of two different types— in this case, plant stakes and keys.

Wiping ants off stick manually Once the ants have swarmed almost halfway up sticks dipped into the insects’ nests, chimpanzees pull the sticks through their fists and sweep the ants into their mouths. Eating ants directly off stick After a few ants climb onto sticks inserted into the nests, chimpanzees bring the sticks directly to their mouths and eat the ants. Removing bone marrow With the help of small sticks, chimpanzees eat the marrow found inside the long bones of monkeys they have killed and eaten.

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