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Americanization of Brazil: A Study of U.S. Cold War by Gerald K. Haines

By Gerald K. Haines

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Policy toward Brazil and its drive for development. 1 World War II precipitated the emergence of two great superpowers and the reduction of the major prewar European nations and Japan to secondary roles. By 1945, Europe lay devastated, civil war raged in China, and the preeminent position of Britain and France in much of the underdeveloped world was under attack by rising nationalist forces. 2 The war also, however, produced pressures that made the maintenance of the status quo progressively more difficult.

S. S. influence. S. surplus industrial production and private investments, to exploit its vast reserves of raw materials, and to keep international communism out. 3 The Truman and Eisenhower administrations pursued essentially the same policies with regard to Brazil. S. S. 4 Policymakers in both administrations assumed that a Page x reformed capitalist system would best protect and promote human liberties and enhance the economic well-being of North and South Americans alike. They firmly believed it was the mission of the United States to shape and direct Latin America's development.

6. Development usually denotes the expansion of a society's productive capacity. More broadly construed, and as used in this study, it refers to the whole range of changes in technological, political, social, and cultural practices that accompany and facilitate economic expansion. It is a total process encompassing economic, political, and social transformations resulting in the improvement of the standard of living and the general welfare. It is not a purely economic problem, although the economic aspects predominate.

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