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Among the Meadow People by Clara Dillingham Pierson, F. C. Gordon

By Clara Dillingham Pierson, F. C. Gordon

Pleasant tales of box lifestyles for teenagers, bearing on incidents within the lives of birds, bugs, and different small creatures who make the meadow their domestic. each one bankruptcy beneficial properties the tale of 1 animal in its day-by-day actions and interactions with the opposite animals inhabiting the meadow. excellent for kids a while five to 7.

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Mr. Robin wished he had not been quite so decided, or reminded her of his breast feathers. " He thought this, but he didn't say it. It is not always easy for a Robin to give up and let one with dull breast feathers know that he thinks himself wrong. That night they perched in the maple-tree and slept with their heads under their wings. Long before the sun was in sight, when the first beams were just touching the tops of the forest trees, they awakened, bright-eyed and rested, preened their feathers, sang their morning song, "Cheerily, cheerily, cheer-up," and flew off to find food.

But," said the Potato Bug, "it must be very dull. " "And down here," answered the Worm, "we have the roots. Some are brown and woody, like those of the trees, and some are white and slender and soft. They creep and twine, until it is like passing through a forest to go among them. And then, there are the seeds. Such busy times as there are in the ground in spring-time! Each tiny seed awakens and begins to grow. Its roots must strike downward, and its stalk upward toward the light. " "We have the roots always," said the Worm.

And then he whispered something to the Garter Snake. " All through the fall and winter the many, many eggs which the reddish-brown Moth had laid were kept snug and warm on the twig where she had put them. They were placed in rows around the twig, and then well covered to hold them together and keep them warm. The winter winds had blown the twig to and fro, the cold rain had frozen over them, the soft snowflakes had drifted down from the clouds and covered them, only to melt and trickle away again in shining drops.

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