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An introduction to TeX and friends by Maltby G.

By Maltby G.

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Not only will LATEX number your sectional units for you, it will compile a table of contents too. Just include the command \tableofcontents after the \begin{document} command and after the topmatter that should precede it. 13 LATEX environments Perhaps the most powerful and convenient concept in the LATEX syntax is that of an environment. We will see most of the “heavy” typesetting problems we will encounter can be best tackled by one or other of the LATEX environments. e. to set it off from the surrounding text by indenting it.

Also note that, once again, the alignment of the & characters was for human readability. It is conventional to set columns of numbers with right justification. The \bf directives apply only the entries in which they are given. A | typed in the tabular environment’s argument causes a vertical line to be drawn at the indicated position and extending for the height of the entire table. An \hline given in the environment draws a horizontal line extending the width of the table to be drawn at the vertical position at which the command is given.

Basset & 865432 \hline H. N. Middle & 853931 \hline \end{tabular} & \bf Test 1 & \bf Test 2 & \bf Comment\\ & 78 & 85 & Pleasing\\ & 5 & 10 & Improving\\ & 48 & 47 & Can make it\\ which will give 40 Student name F. Basset H. N. Middle Number 865432 829134 853931 Test 1 78 5 48 Test 2 85 10 47 Comment Pleasing Improving Can make it That way of laying out the source file makes it clear where the lines will go. As we (by now) well know, the returns that we pressed after the \\s in typing this table might as well have been spaces as far as LATEX is concerned.

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