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Anacondas (Snakes) by Linda George

By Linda George

Describes anacondas, their conduct, the place they stay, their looking tools, and the way they exist on this planet of individuals.

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All the kings and warriors of the land taunt him about his lowly origins. But Duryodhan, the eldest Kaurav, makes him commander of his armies on the battlefield of Kurukshetra and even compels Shalya, king of Madra, to serve as charioteer. “You who have been called a charioteer’s son all your life, shall ride into battle, bow in hand, with a king serving as your charioteer,” says Duryodhan to Karna. Blinded by his victimhood, overwhelmed by Kaurav generosity, Karna does not realize the folly of this decision.

Kshatriya-varna: the warrior’s dominating gaze of conditional leadership, like a lion who leads his pride so that the lionesses can hunt and bear his children. This is also rajas-guna, as the warrior thinks only for himself. Brahmana-varna: the sage’s gaze of unconditional leadership, like a cow who provides milk, meant for her calf, generously to the cowherd. She is dependable so the cowherd can always rely on her but she is also independent so while the cowherd needs her, she does not need the cowherd.

Our imagination of the world, hence ourselves, keeps changing all the time. It will change with context or with better observation. If in one context, we may see ourselves as heroes, in another we may see ourselves as victims or martyrs. Initially, we may see the employer as a saviour; but over time, with more information, on closer inspection, we may see the employer as the oppressor and ourselves as the oppressed. From saras comes Saraswati, goddess of knowledge. Knowledge is fluid; springing from imagination, constantly shape shifting, with the potential to expand towards infinity.

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