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Night’s Daughter by Marion Zimmer Bradley

By Marion Zimmer Bradley

This booklet is the libretto of Mozart's "The Magic Flute" written as excessive delusion. First released in 1985 (epub)

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Papagena," Pamina said, taking a step toward the bird-girl. "What are you doing here? No, Rawa, I told you, let her alone, she couldn't hurt me if she wanted to, and certainly not with you here. " The bird-woman was almost gibbering with terror, but as Rawa released her and backed away, she pulled herself to her feet. "Princess, you were kind to me, and when they came to take me for sacrifice, I remembered you and came to you Don't let them take me! Don't let them take me away and kill me, don't—" Rawa whined, backing away still further.

They made the Seal-folk and the Kindred of the Dolphin, to go down into the depths of the ocean beds and bring up oysters for the tables and pearl-oysters to adorn the girdle of the Starqueen and the crown of the Sun-priests; they also herded fish for the nets of the fishermen. Later they created the Bird-folk in the hope that they would have servants who could fly and bear messages between their towns; but in this they mostly failed, for the Bird-folk were so fashioned and structured that their wings would not bear them.

The only possible solution, and that was as mad as all the other ideas, was that the dry and spiny bush had somehow been changed, while he slept; changed to a date palm where no date palm could grow. Was this then why they called this barren waste the Changing Lands? The dates were real and wholesome; at least they felt so to his palate and to his stomach. What a pity that they had not somehow transported their oasis with them. Slightly to the north stood a boulder; not very high, but when the terrain was so flat, it could perhaps provide a vantage point from which he could spy out whether there was any break in the rough and barren country, any sign of an oasis or even of vegetation of the kind which might signal the presence of water.

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